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... that CrypTool has been initially developed for the purpose of security awareness trainings within Deutsche Bank.

Here you find the menu tree of the release version of CT 1.4.31.

The following pdf files contain the menu trees of all supported languages:

Here you will find a summary of the most important features of the current release version of CrypTool 1 (CT1). This does not include features which are additionally implemented in the successor versions CrypTool 2 (CT2) and JCrypTool (JCT). All features of all versions are listed in the CT functions table.

CT1 is a freeware program which enables you to apply and analyze cryptographic mechanisms. It has the typical look-and-feel of a Windows application. CT1 contains comprehensive online help, which can be understood without deep knowledge of cryptography. CT1 is available in English, German, Polish, Spanish, and Serbian. CT1 includes every state-of-the-art cryptographic function and allows you to learn about and use different cryptographic methods within the same environment.

The algorithms available include both classic and modern cryptosystems:

  • classic methods: the Caesar cipher, the ADFGVX cipher, the double-column transposition (permutation), the Enigma encryption algorithm, etc.
  • modern methods: the RSA and AES algorithms, hybrid encryption, algorithms based on lattice reduction and elliptic curves, etc.


Official presentation of the CrypTool 1 project

Last Update: August 2010
This CrypTool presentation, with over 100 slides, gives an overview of the CrypTool project and the features of CrypTool 1.x.

The current version of "CrypTool 1" is the CrypTool 1.4.30.
This version is written in C/C++ and requires a Win32 environment. It was compiled with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 development environment. Right now CT1 is available in 5 languages.
For CrypTool 1 it is planned to further on release only bug-fix versions. The next one is 1.4.31. New functions will only be implemented for CrypTool 2 and JCrypTool.

For further information, see download page.

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