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CrypTool 2 follows the Microsoft Office 2007 User Interface Design Guideline, providing a consistent and rich user experience.

This page is an archive of all current builds of CrypTool 2.
The builds run on 64 Bit Windows. Please note that you need the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 to run CrypTool 2.
No admin rights are needed for the installation.
Each build is available as an .exe installer and as a compressed zip archive. Both have their own online update mechanism. The .exe installer supports registration of start menu entry, desktop link, and Explorer file type, but does not support more than one .exe installation. If in doubt, use the .exe installer.


Stable version

The most recent release version of CrypTool 2 is CrypTool 2.1 (Stable Build 8853.1). It and can be downloaded here.

Nightly Build

Nightly builds are compiled every night based on the most current version of the source code checked into the SVN repository.
Please be aware that these builds are work in progress. They are by no means guaranteed to be stable, and they may contain experimental features that are not yet fully functional.

CrypTool 2.1 (Nightly Build 8899.1) - September-19-2020 01:38:28 - 173.899.910 Byte - ZIP file EXE installer
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    CrypTool 2.1 (Nightly Build 8899.1).zip
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