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CrypTool 2 provides a variety of cryptanalytical tools to analyze or even break classical and modern ciphers. With the current version you can, for instance, apply a ciphertext-only attack on an Enigma-encrypted ciphertext.

Generally speaking, we need anyone who is willing to contribute to a purely non-profit project with no other reward than fantastic feedback from users and a very friendly and professional community of contributors, both from around the globe. To be a bit more concrete, we first of all need experienced software developers who are willing to develop with the Microsoft .NET framework and its rather new features - CrypTool 2 is developed purely in C# and WPF.

We require support in various other aspects of the CrypTool 2 project:

  • If you are not experienced in cryptography at all, but particularly experienced in software development, we would love to get you on board. Please do not hesitate to contact us. It is at least as important to understand the .NET framework and our source code as it is to understand the overall topic. In particular, our core development has little to nothing to do with cryptography whatsoever. We also require people who are good at coding WPF.
  • If you are a (semi)-professional cryptographer and interested not only in research but also in teaching this exciting topic, we need you to help us in establishing ideas for additional features. Also we are very appreciative for feedback about the current version of CrypTool 2.
  • If you are new to cryptography and use CrypTool 2 for your studies, please do not hesitate to send us your feedback. Even if you just find obvious errors in our implementations, think that the documentation is too intangible, or just identify some funny effects which do not seem to be intended: please send us your feedback.
  • If cryptography is not your sole interest and you also like doing graphical design, we need your support. We are grateful for people who are able to adapt to our current design model and want to contribute accordingly. If you also think that polishing some of the current icons would not hurt, please feel free to do so. We are more than happy to check out your results and potentially incorporate them in our next release.
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