# $Id: de-DE.mod_cto_rotation.ini # # CrypTool-Online Rotation-Module # @author CrypTool-Online (Christian Sieche) # @package CrypTool-Online # @category Module # @version 0.9.0 # @copyright CrypTool-Online # @license GNU/GPL # # Note : All ini files need to be saved as UTF-8 # # # Frontend language PLAINTEXT=Klartext CIPHERTEXT=Geheimtext ENCRYPT=Verschlüsseln DECRYPT=Entschlüsseln CLEANSPACE=Ausgabe formatieren
(5er Blöcke) DEFAULTTEXT=Franz jagt im komplett verwahrlosten Taxi quer durch Bayern BLOCKSIZE=Blockgröße0I*-16170-1551WorkspaceManagerSettings.cshed d>rep0I*ړ*kspaceManagerSettings.cshed d>rep0I*ړ*E)A)(6B)d d>rep0I*ړ*E)A)(6B)86B)hed d>rep0I*ړ*E)A)(6B)86B)) thD;0I*G!0-20320CrypUpdater<0I*2:13-40-4223CrypWin)8mber name="M:AnotherEditor.DragDrop.ProjectManager.Redo"> Redoes command on current workspaceManager. Execute the current chain. Display SaveFileDialog and save project to selected file. Checks if current workspace is valid to be saved as a SubWorkspace. Saves the sub workspace. Deletes the sub workspace. The name. Loads the subworkspace quick infos. m name="identifier">The identifier. Gets the active tab title. Gets or sets another editor. Another editor. Gets a value indicating whether this instance can add workspace. true if this instance can add workspace; otherwise, false. Gets a value indicating whether this instance can close workspace. true if this instance can close workspace; otherwise, <

CrypTool 2

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What is CrypTool 2?

CrypTool 2 (CT2) is an open-source program offering an innovative visual programming GUI to experiment with cryptographic procedures and to animate their cascades.

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