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That CrypTool was originally designed as an internal business application for information security training. CrypTool has since developed into an important open-source project in the field of cryptology. Over 50 volunteer developers worldwide contribute to the program.


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Last release version: 10th edition, July 2010
Current draft version: 11th edition, Aug. 2013

In this 200+ pages book with the CrypTool application you will find predominantly mathematically oriented information on using cryptographic procedures. The main chapters have been written by various authors and are therefore independent from each another.
  • The first chapter explains the principles of symmetric and asymmetric encryption and describes shortly the current decryption records of modern symmetric algorithms.
  • Because of didactical reasons, the second chapter gives an exhaustive overview about paper and pencil encryption methods.
  • Chapter three is dedicated to the fascinating topic of prime numbers.
  • In chapter 4, modular arithmetic and elementary number theory are introduced, and applied in many examples including the RSA procedure.
  • By reading chapter 5 you will gain an insight into the mathematical ideas and concepts behind modern cryptography.
  • Chapter 6 gives an overview about the status of attacks against modern hash algorithms and is then shortly devoted to digital signatures, which are an essential component of e-business applications.
  • Chapter 7 describes elliptic curves: Compared to RSA, they provide a very efficient alternative for the hardware based generation of digital signatures.
  • Chapter 8 describes homomorphic crypto functions which got special attention in the course of cloud computing.
  • Chapter 9 discusses the threats for existing cryptographic methods and introduces the current alternative research approaches to achieve long-term security of cryptographic schemes.
Additionally the appendix contains a list of movies and novels where cryptography plays a role.
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