The new release version of CrypTool 2.1 was published on Dec 19, 2018.

This "Xmas version" is available in 3 languages (German, English, and Russian). It contains many small improvements and a direct connection to the Swedish DECODE database for encrypted, historical documents.

The website CryptoPrograms is dedicated to create and solve classical ciphers online.
New on this site are analyzers for solving classical ciphers without any knowledge of the keyword and, in many cases, the key length. Routines for solving around 40 cipher types are provided.
JCrypTool 1.0.0 Release Candidate 8 is available on our download page.

The Cyber Security Challenge Germany (CSCG) is the German hacking competition for pupils and students. There are 12 online challenges starting on May 2nd, 2016. The juveniles have to solve different IT-Security tasks till August.

On 1st of June 2015 the first of 6 tasks starts on the Enigma level. For three weeks two times per week new documents with tasks are published.

The release version of CrypTool 2.0 was released on 20th Aug 2014. We would be happy if many of you use it for teaching, self-study, education and awareness and give us feedback.


A level X challenge in MysteryTwister C3 by Klaus Schmeh using the double-column transposition cipher withstood a long time against cryptanalysis efforts. Nevertheless, it was solved in November 2013 by George Lasry.

The 10th Beta of CrypTool 2 was released on 19th October 2013. You are cordially invited to test and give feedback. Final version of CT 2 is planned to be published in July 2014.

Crypdroid encrypts messages with AES and encodes the ciphertext in a way that it could be sent as a normal text message. It is compatible with the dedicated tool within CT2.

A spyhunt consisting of 9 missions - Along with the new Jazz album of the Henning Wolter Trio there is a free online game Undercover Job. Henning Wolter also is the author of two MTC3 challenges Music Code - Part 1 und Music Code - Part 2.

The 9th Beta of CrypTool 2 was released on 20th December 2012. You are cordially invited to test and give feedback.

The new CrypTool 1.4.31 beta 05 is ready. You are cordially invited to test and give feedback. Final version of CT 1.4.31 is planned to be published mid 2013.


The new CrypTool 1.4.31 beta is ready. This version is now available in 6 languages German, English, Spanish, Polish, Serbian and Greek. We would appreciate if you test this beta in detail and give us feedback. The release version of CT 1.4.31 is scheduled for mid 2014.


Testing RSA moduli for shared prime factors.
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The new CrypTool Portal has been gone live on 12th January 2012.

This course explains the inner workings of cryptographic functions and how to correctly use them.
The course starts till end of March 2012 and will last at least 5 weeks.
Normally, students have to work through the exercises in the same week the lessons are published.

You can find more details at
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