Did you know?

That CrypTool was originally designed as an internal business application for information security training. CrypTool has since developed into an important open-source project in the field of cryptology. Over 50 volunteer developers worldwide contribute to the program.

What is CrypTool 1

CrypTool 1 (CT1) is an open-source Windows program for cryptography and cryptanalysis. It’s the most wide-spreaded e-learning software of its kind.

What is CrypTool 2?

CrypTool 2 (CT2) is an open-source program offering an innovative visual programming GUI to experiment with cryptographic procedures and to animate their cascades.

What is JCrypTool?

JCrypTool (JCT) is an open-source e-learning platform, allowing to experiment comprehensively with cryptography on Linux, MAC OS X, and Windows.

What is CrypTool-Online?

CrypTool-Online (CTO) runs in a browser and provides a huge variety of encryption methods and analysis tools including many illustrated examples.

What is MysteryTwister C3?

MysteryTwister C3 (MTC3) is an international Crypto Cipher Contest offering a broad variety of challenges, a moderated forum and an ongoing hall-of-fame.

The new release version of CrypTool 2.1 was published on Dec 19, 2018.

This "Xmas version" is available in 3 languages (German, English, and Russian). It contains many small improvements and a direct connection to the Swedish DECODE database for encrypted, historical documents.

The open-source project CrypTool (CT) creates the most wide-spread free e-learning programs for cryptography and cryptanalysis. The CT programs are used at many schools and universities worldwide, but also in companies and administrations.

A practical introduction to CT2 with many exercises and screenshots (from a workshop in Prague) can be found here.

We would be happy if many of you use CrypTool for teaching, self-study, education, and awareness. Please continue to give us feedback and to contribute with new algorithms and implementations.


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