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... that CrypTool has been initially developed for the purpose of security awareness trainings within Deutsche Bank.


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Third public beta version of CrypTool 1.4.31

The new CrypTool 1.4.31 Beta 06b (Oct 4, 2013) is ready for testing.
SHA1: 42bba0ad14e27cbab9aebd7d98592916977cce7b, MD5: f0b25abab702c8f8879db1bfc8de086f
SHA1: 2055f9f0be879c4385bbfc7395c75aedbb08d777, MD5: 9fd894b3c52da60e6ed362194bcf1860
SHA1: ac931f9515e50ff6d8b3fff313fa6d2a337d2669, MD5: 8ad22b984fb3bb58b801cc859b48a735
SHA1: d1262f7700935f9a5740789e89a938000f5761ef, MD5: ecca6e57339f2462fca8dc58ad6c38b7
SHA1: a0a62456c4436e8afe6b70a46fadfe31479e0f2e, MD5: 4b7ceb4a733abe1f7e77a210ced5f48b
SHA1: 72c9dceec422b7bf84b8a355fd4093eed68b1216, MD5: 1a900e6f1d2c25567ae56fb33c1a7cdf


Release version CrypTool 1.4.30

The current release version is CrypTool 1.4.30 (released August 4th, 2010).

This version requires a Win32 environment. The program contains some functions calling Java applications. To run these functions a Java runtime enviroment under Win32 (at least JRE 1.6) needs to be installed.

Both, the sources of the release version (Tag "CrypTool_1_4_30") and the sources of the latest changes are available from the subversion repository. Everybody has read access to this repository (username anonymous and empty password).

CrypTool 1.4.x is available in English, German, Spanish, Polish and Serbian (a Greek and a Russian version are under construction):

SHA1: 4560f1c1d3a29719ac01f2c88997f110ad1f2a6c, MD5: 991084a953c498bd108a664c120b0cd7
SHA1: 7496877166538c78067a3aadbbe703ab740143d9, MD5: 1807fb7ec555359a09c44c78918ad5a3
SHA1: 8f0445352d5f40e2809e04808f0d1c8ce1fb9321, MD5: ac8bce5723043f6dc2cdd581025bb8e8
SHA1: 665a1fc00c61cafa8c71d76dc9e825cdcb85e773, MD5: ef1e3d9c8d527f9ad69fda162a636aff
SHA1: e63a89e3864ffdfe4ad48f5ed34b016155cebf0c, MD5: 071ebff18965ec8b33295cfd8936dacb
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