JCrypTool -- The cryptography e-learning platform


JCrypTool enables students, teachers, developers, and anyone else interested in cryptography to apply and analyze cryptographic algorithms in a modern, easy-to-use application. The JCT plaform creates a new way of e-learning by not just encouraging users to learn about cryptography and apply the algorithms themselves, but also to develop their own cryptographic plug-ins and extend the JCrypTool platform in new directions.

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JCrypTool installation is very simple: download and extract the zip-archive, launch the main program and get started. No administration rights are needed for the installation. Only a installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required.

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What is JCrypTool?


JCrypTool is an open source e-learning platform, developed to not only let everybody experiment with cryptography, but to develop and extend the JCrypTool platform in various ways with their own crypto plug-ins.

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