Tuesday, December 21, 2021

New Version of CrypTool 1 — CT 1.4.42 released

CrypTool 1General News

CrypTool 1.4.42 was published on December 21, 2021.

Compared to CrypTool 1.4.41, this version contains a range of small bug fixes and improvements for CrypTool 1 (CT1).

The open-source project CrypTool (CT) creates the most widespread e-learning programs for cryptography and cryptanalysis. The CT programs are used at many schools and universities worldwide, but also in companies and administrations to make understanding of encryption and IT-security methods easier.

CT1 is an offline program you can download for free from the website cryptool.org/ct1/downloads.

Also in the future, reported errors in CT1 will be corrected. However, new developments go only into the newer CT projects:

  • CrypTool 2 (CT2, built with C#, Visual Studio, .NET, and WPF),
  • JavaCrypTool (JCT, built with Java, Eclipse, RCP, and SWT), and
  • CrypTool-Online (CTO, which runs within a browser on PCs and smartphones).

The development of CT1 started in 1998, and among all three CT offline programs (CT1, CT2, and JCT), it still has the biggest dissemination (the term "offline" is used here in the opposite to the browser variant CTO, which requires the user to be "online").

Please continue to give us feedback and to contribute with new algorithms and implementations.

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Bernhard Esslinger