Friday, October 20, 2023

Student Crypto 2023 in Munich at Youth Science Club

Student Crypto

After a long break, our team was finally able to present the topic of cryptology to interested students again. We were guests of the Youth Science Club:

»The Youth Science Club gives 27 students from the 8th to 10th grade the opportunity to get to know scientific work in depth as part of the early study program at the LMU. The students choose a topic they would like to work on for a whole school year.«

In the school year 2023/24, this choice fell on the topic of cryptology. On Friday afternoon, the Youth Science Club members met at the Munich Observatory. There, Prof. Dr. Arno Wacker from the University of the Bundeswehr Munich gave an overview lecture and answered numerous questions. Dr. Behrendt, recently project leader of the CrypTool project, gave some suggestions on how to dive into the field of encryption and secret messages with CrypTool and MysteryTwister.

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Doris Behrendt