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What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a news stream in a standardized format that keeps you up to date on new articles without having to visit our website.[1]

This allows you to retrieve and read current posts or news of the CrypTool portal together with those of other websites (such as your favorite web blogs, podcasts and news pages) in one central place (your RSS reader).

Since version 2.0, RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is technically speaking a family of XML-based file formats.[2] Therefore, when you click on the button above, you will only see a machine-readable text. Your RSS reader will then display the contents visually. You can find further information e.g. at Wikipedia.[2]

Subscribe to an RSS feed

To subscribe to an RSS feed you first need an RSS reader. This can be a program for download (like an app) or a browser extension. You can find a list of common RSS readers at or in the AppStore. You can try a simple online version here too:

Within your RSS reader, click on a button like "Add RSS feed" and enter the address

References (German):

[1] about RSS feeds

[2]   Wikipedia: RSS

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