CrypTool 2 Downloads

Here you can download the current versions of CrypTool 2.

There are two versions of CrypTool 2, the stable version and the nightly version. Both versions are available as an EXE installer and as a ZIP archive. The EXE installer supports the creation of a start menu entry, of a desktop link and of an Explorer file type. If you don't know which one to choose, you should prefer the stable version with EXE installer. No admin rights are needed for the installation. Each installation type (EXE and ZIP) has its own online update mechanism.

For execution, a 64-bit Windows and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher are needed.

Stable version

The "Stable Version" is the CrypTool 2 release version. All components contained in this version have been extensively tested.

The current release version is LOADING with the build date LOADING.


Nightly build

If you want to try out newer components, that are not yet included in the stable version, you can alternatively download the current "Nightly Build" of CrypTool 2.
Nightly builds are compiled every night based on the most current version of the source code checked into the SVN repository. Please be aware that these builds are work in progress, so they may contain experimental features that are not yet fully functional.

The most recent nightly version is LOADING with the build date LOADING.