Install JCrypTool

The JCrypTool installation is very simple: download and extract the zip-archive, launch the main program and get started. Admin rights are not required – neither for the installation nor for subsequent usage. A Java installation is also not required.

Download the zip (Windows) or tar.gz archive (Linux and macOS) for your platform with x64 architecture and extract it into a folder (e.g. C:\Program Files on Windows, /Applications on macOS), your user directory on Linux). Double click the main program (JCrypTool.exe on Windows, JCrypTool on macOS) to start the program.


JCrypTool is not signed for macOS, therefore the first start is a little bit different. After extracting JCrypTool switch into the extracted directory and run sudo xattr -r -d ./ in the terminal. This is only required once. Without this command the JCT will not start. After this run it as usual by double clicking the main porgram. This signatur will be added in the release version.

All Operating Systems

After the first start, the welcome page will show up. New users should read this short information; it presents some JCrypTool concepts and will make your first steps much easier.

Need help? Do you have trouble with the installation or your first steps? Discovered a bug or a problem? Feel free to ask a question in the JCrypTool Issue Tracker.