The JCrypTool Team

The JCrypTool team consists of two groups, always sharing their know how and their interest in moving the JCrypTool cryptography platform forward.

Depending on your interests, the Core project or the Crypto project might be interesting for you. There are a lot of ideas and todos listed in our wiki. Feel free to contact one of the project leads in case you are interested in joining the team!

Becoming a JCrypTool Developer

Are you interested in joining the JCrypTool developers' team? Do you already have a crypto related idea in mind, or do you need some ideas to get started? We are open to anybody, feel free to contact us!

The JCrypTool online help and our wiki are the best places for new developers to get started and to find additional information, such as our release schedule and a huge list of project ideas.

All our development resources, source code, bug and feature tracker, documentation and wiki are available on our two GitHub projects: JCrypTool Core and JCrypTool Crypto.

Discussions take place in our JCrypTool Users and Developers Group or within the JCrypTool Developer Chat. Please use one of the contact possibilities provided to get in contact with the JCrypTool team.