Saturday, December 24, 2022

CrypTool 2 Release 2022.2 released

CrypTool 2General News

In December 2022 we released "CrypTool 2 – 2022.1", the first release this year. The last CrypTool 2 release before was published in December 2021.

Over the year, we implemented several new classical cipher components (e.g. the Mexican Army cipher disk or the Bifid and Trifid cipher), machine cipher components (all mechanical Hagelin ciphers in one component), as well as (re-)implemented modern cipher components (GOST Magma, HIGHT, and Trivium).

Furthermore, we aligned our language model handling across most of all cryptanalysis components. Also, the Syllabary cipher component is a new component and the actual cipher got a lot of attention on MysteryTwister as we published several Syllabary cipher challenges.

Finally, the RAPPOR (Randomized Aggregatable Privacy-Preserving Ordinal Response) component, which visualizes the RAPPOR privacy technology from Google, was implemented in a bachelor's thesis and added to CrypTool 2.

Another interesting thing worth mentioning is the official CrypTool 2 YouTube channel "Cryptography for Everybody", which reached a 4600 subscriber count in December 2022. Thank you! For those who did not have a look at the channel:

We discuss and explain cryptologic topics and show many examples using CrypTool 2 and the other implementations of the CrypTool project.

We would like to thank the many users who have sent us feedback, requests, praise and criticism. We hope you enjoy using CT2 as much as we did creating it!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023! Stay healthy!

Sincerely, The CrypTool 2 development team, December 2022


You can read the changelog here:

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