Selection of own Presentations

There are a few presentations from and about CrypTool. You can find them here.

1. Official presentation of the CrypTool project

On around 50 slides, this CrypTool presentation gives an overview of the whole CrypTool project including its 5 subprojects. It has been shown on the Crypto-Day in Walldorf (Germany) in September 2016.

✍️ Last Update: October 2016

2. Official presentation of the CrypTool 1 program

This presentation, with over 100 slides, gives an exhaustive overview about the features of CrypTool 1.4, and a short overview of the CrypTool project.

✍️ Last Update: September 2017

3. "Innovative" CrypTool presentation

This colorful innovative presentation, held in Spain, November 2008 by Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón, describes the past, present and future of CrypTool in a visual appealing way.

✍️ Last Update: November 2008

4. The RSA cipher

This presentation shows the basics of the RSA cipher in an attractive interactive way. We offer it in two variants:

a) Powerpoint 2007 (for download; dynamical, animated)

b) PDF (for download; static, no interaction)

✍️ Last Update: November 2010