Monday, March 14, 2016

Anti-Prism Party Season 4 - Protection from surveillance

General News

To conclude the "Global Control and Censorship" exhibition, the Karlsruhe IT Security Initiative (german: "Karlsruher IT-Sicherheitsinitiative", KA-IT-Si), the Competence Center for Applied Security Technology (german: "Kompetenzzentrum für angewandte Sicherheitstechnologie", KASTEL), and the CyberForum e.V. invite you to the 4th season of the Anti-Price Party at the ZKM Karlsruhe on Friday, April 29, 2016 from 4 p.m. (admission free).

In addition to the exhibition, experts for IT security and data protection will show how you can protect yourself from spying on the Internet. There will be live demonstrations on the topics "Safe surfing", "Secure communication" and "Secure communication in the public WLAN of Karlsruhe". No special IT knowledge is required to follow the demonstrations. You can also obtain individual information and advice at numerous expert tables. You can bring your own laptop to the workshop "E-Mail Encryption" and will be explained how it works step-by-step. Meanwhile, your children can be trained as encryption experts at the Spy School, which is run by the pedagogical College of Karlsruhe. Further information and the program of the 4th season of the Karlsruhe Anti-Prism-Party can be found on the website

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Volker Simon