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20+ Years CrypTool – Looking Back and Forward

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End of October 2019, many members of the CrypTool team as well as invited guests met in Munich to celebrate the 20th+ anniversary of the CrypTool project.

The event took place at the research institute CODE of the university of the Bundeswehr and was organized by the working group "Datenschutz und Compliance" of Prof. Dr. Arno Wacker.

More than 30 people from Germany, Austria and Israel followed the call of Prof. Bernhard Esslinger, who is the overall project lead and founder of the CrypTool project. Many project members who were unable to attend sent greetings.

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Lectures and discussions around CrypTool (CT) and its 5 sub-projects (CrypTool 1, CrypTool 2, JavaCrypTool, CrypTool-Online, and "MysteryTwister") occupied the participants for two days. In addition there were talks about the LaTeX findings when reworking the CT Book, the involvement into the European DECRYPT project, and new research results of successful applications of AI for block-cipher cryptanalysis.

After looking back on the CT development over the last 20+ years, also first discussions began how a new CrypTool 3 might look like.

For the upcoming relocation of the servers from Kassel to Munich, a date has been set and the future server infrastructure was presented.

In several working groups the participants discussed important future topics, and recorded the results for subsequent implementation.

The participants confirmed that it was a great and inspiring event. Further contributors and volunteers are very welcome in the CrypTool project. If you are interested please send an email to bernhard.esslinger@uni-siegen.de.

The following slides are released for download by the corresponding authors:

You can also find an article about the event in the blog of Klaus Schmeh.

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